Saturday, May 28, 2022

Angry Kenyans Blasts Raila’s Ally Over The Claim “Ruto’s Man Tests Covid-19 Positive”

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Angry Kenyans have mocked the controversial blogger allied to Raila Odinga over the claims that Ruto’s ally the Kiminini MP Dismus Baraza tests covid-19 positive.

The controversial blogger Robert Alai yesterday claimed that DP Ruto and Kikuyu MP tested covid-19 positive an allegations that were dismissed and termed as fake.

Raila’s ally Robert Alai has been attacked DP Ruto with his allies in favour of Raila Odinga. Taking to social media, Alai claimed that Ruto’s Man the Kiminini MP Dismus Baraza is covid-19 positive.

However, Alai’s controversial and unconfirmed statement has been dismissed by angry Kenyans who termed it as a scheme to subbotage and attack DP Ruto with allies with the aim of curtailing his 2022 presidential bid.

The political war against DP William Ruto by rivals is intesfying with the aim of blocking his top seat ambition. However, the allegations by Raila’s ally has been dismissed as marked as political enemity.

Ngenic: “You can test everybody who follows Ruto and give their results here,,,we are waiting”

Tomson: “There was a time even Raila tested positive for coronavirus,,Ruto for president”

Krain Senior: “When nothing is left to propagate”

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