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Angry Ndindi Nyoro Alleges Evil Act in Uhuru’s Govt as Speaker Justin Muturi Attacked at Night by Angry Kenyans

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Kiharu Member of Parliament Ndindi Nyoro has attacked President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government, alleging the evil president Uhuru Kenyatta’s government has been doing to businesses people for the last four years.

Speaking in a live interview at K24 Television, MP Ndindi Nyoro has said that the prices of basic commodities in Kenya are unaffordable to majority of Kenyans. Alleging the evil act in Uhuru’s government, MP Ndindi Nyoro has alleged that the using of weapon by government institutions targeting people doing their business has been seen for the last four years.

“The prices of basic commodities in Kenya are almost now unaffordable to the majority of Kenyans. For the last four years, we have seen the using of weapon by government institutions targeting people doing their business,” MP Ndindi Nyoro Alleged

However, National Assembly speaker Justin Muturi has been attacked at night by angry Kenyans following his statement he penned in social media in Response to Philip Etale who allegedly misunderstood his statement he had made earlier.

Speaker Muturi said that basing on his previous statement, he Affirmed that hostage can’t be held by history and not that history is bad. Philip Etale alleged that Speaker Justin Muturi said that history is bad

“You must have read what you wanted to say. I said that we can’t be held hostage by history. I did not say that history is bad. There is a whole difference between those two positions,” Speaker Justin Muturi reacted

However, basing on his reaction, Angry Kenyans have reacted to Speaker Justin Muturi blaming him on his alleged statement. Kenyans have attacked Muturi, alleging that he has changed since he joined Deputy president William Ruto in Kenya Kwanza Alliance. Below are the reactions

JM: “Accept it and resign too i doubt if you will impartial in rulling when already taken a stand in this political times.”

Joshua: “You are IRRELEVANT & Going NoWHERE… ungeulizia your village MCA.”
MK: “He hates history because his history while he was a magistrate is not good.”

Tioree: “Consequences of joining udaku, you give away brains in exchange for a hurubalo.”

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