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New Twist On Yala Dead Bodies Mystery As Worrying Details Emerge

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The dead bodies found in River Yala caused panic amongst Kenyans due to the number of people who were murdered and dumped within a span of time.

AImost all of the victims of a brutal death squad that dumped bodies in River Yala in Siaya County had a criminal past, a local media investigation has established, raising questions about who could have wanted these dozens of young but deviant men dead, and why they were executed and not prosecuted.

All the victims that the week-long the investigation identified were strangled and their bodies stashed in sacks before being thrown into the raging waters of the river.

They came as far from the scene of their death as Nairobi and some had criminal pasts in the coastal town of Mombasa.
The fact that they were all strangled points to a meticulous but ruth less killing squad that has eliminat ed anyone who has dared stand in its way. Its victims range in profile from small-time business people to truant police officers and their friends.

At the small mortuary in Yala, their bodies have been piling for weeks, some hard to identify without DNA tests. Only one of the victims was a woman. Her past, unlike that of the young men with whom she now shares a cold mortuary room.remains cloudy.

Philemon Cheruiyot Chepkwony and Peter Mutuku Kioo were last seen on December 3 leaving Nairobi for Nakuru.Edwin Kamande had offered to drive them in a white Toyota Hiace, registration number KAT 390M.

The three’s mission to Nakuru remained unknown, and little is known on how they ended up as friends whose journey would be cut short.

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