Monday, May 23, 2022

ODM Breaks Silence On Raila Backing Kalonzo’s Presidency

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One Kenya Alliance principal Kalonzo Musyoka yesterday disclosed details of their agreement with the former prime minister Raila Odinga just before the NASA coalition was formed.

In the document, Kalonzo agreed to support Raila on condition that he could back him whether or not he won the general elections in the year 2017.

Kalonzo and his allies maintained that the document should form the basis of the talks to have a coalition between the One Kenya Alliance and the Azimio La Umoja team.

Citizen Tv held an exclusive with Kitui Senator Enock Wambua and Narok Senator Ole Kina Ledama to get their perspective on the Azimio OKA ongoing negotiations.
ODM senator Ole Kina Ledama urged Kalonzo to put aside his personal interests to Join Azimio La Umoja without many conditions in order to build a better nation after this year’s polls.

“It is time to have clean politics. Let bygones be bygones and start afresh unconditionally,” Ledama Ole Kina asserted.

Enock Wambua said,”I believe reason will prevail and Raila will disregard the extremists, sit down and look at the document he appended his signature on, and agree with his co-principal on the best way forward.”

Prof Makau Mutua downplayed Kalonzo’s ‘revelations’ and asserted that the deal has no bearing on current negotiations.

Prof Mutua warned that Kalonzo’s disclosure of the deal is a breach
Ledama Ole Kina expressed his disappointment in a few leaders who want to reduce Kalonzo into a regional figurehead.

“They are holding him ransom. A man’s worth is determined not by what he reveals to the public but by what he hides from the world,” Senator Ledama said.

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