Monday, May 23, 2022

Parents Wakes Up To Bad News From Ministry of Education, CS Magoha in Dilemma

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Parents have waked up to bad news from the ministry of education as the cabinet secretary of education professor George Magoha left in dilemma.

The ministry of education in line with the government of Kenya implemented one hundred percent transition where leaners should successful proceed from one level to the next despite of any grade.

However, following the introduction of the new system of education with the new curriculum, the education system in Kenya changed from the previous one.

The ministry of education has delivered bad news to parents as it has expressed its concern on the lack of funds to facilitate junior high.

According to Daily Nation dated Sunday, 6th January ,2022, thousands of pupils will transit in new primary this year but their budget has not yet established and the ministry of education is in dilemma how they will be funded.

Parents have left wondering how education for their children will be facilitated as ministry of education delivered the news. In the budget, junior high cost is missing and thus Magoha’s camp is in dilemma.

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