Saturday, May 21, 2022

R. I. P Popular Bongo Musician Is Dead

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Bongofleva Artist, Maunda Zorro died in a tragic car accident last night.

The brother to the late musician Banana Zorro confirmed the reports that Maunda had died and revealed that she was rushed to have Kigamboni Hospital.

“The information is true that we were together with Zorro mourning at a close friend ours and more (about the tragedy) is until I get to the Hospital,” Banana Zorro remarked.

The brother to the late Banana Zorro continued to say, “the cause of death was a car accident. I left Maunda at 6pm. She had an accident at 10pm, but I’m not sure (of the time he had an accident) until I get to the hospital because I came home very tired.”

She was at one point considered as one of the brightest stars of Bongo Flava and after years in oblivion singer Maunda Zorro has thrown in the towel.

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