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Sakaja In Talks To Step Down For Igathe In Nairobi Governor Race

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The dream of Kenya Kwanza Coalition to have their candidate become Nairobi’s fourth governor are starting to crumble with revelations that their candidate, Senator Johnson Sakaja, could eventually withdraw from the race and leave Uhuru’s boardroom project Polycarp Igathe smiling all the way to City Hall without a competitor as an unopposed candidate. This would be the first time in Kenya’s political history that a coveted position such as Nairobi governor would be won without competition.

Sakaja, who traces his political upbringings to StateHouse insider Nancy Gitau and President Uhuru who made him TNA’s first national chairman and nominated him to parliament has maintained a soft spot with State House even after defecting to William Ruto’s UDA Party. Unlike other politicians who have had to severally attack the President in order to prove their loyalty to Ruto, Sakaja has maintained a neutral approach to politics. Even when his Kenya Kwanza coalition has taken the country’s economic ruin as a major campaign plot, Sakaja has avoided the topic and has focused more on posting edited photos of himself smiling.

Confidential sources confirm that although Sakaja is proving to be a tough negotiator, he is likely to eventually give in to the deal at an appropriate time when UDA or Kenya Kwanza won’t have the option of fielding another candidate and when his price would have shot up high. Tentatively, Sakaja is to receive a Ksh. 2bn down payment with promises of more after the election as well as a cabinet appointment and nomination into the county assembly of his close team members and supporters. This seems to be a reasonable offer that has had Sakaja slow down on his campaigns.

Should this deal go through, Polycarp Igathe will have made history in so many ways and especially, he’ll make history as a special candidate who won an election without breaking a single sweat. But why is Igathe so special?

Mt. Kenya tycoons are determined to control Nairobi’s resources by all means. After Mike Sonko played hard to control, they kicked him out and brought in Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) which has been operating without accounting to anyone, not even the County Assembly. However, NMS is unpopular with Nairobi residents and its time is coming to an end. With elections beckoning, it is better to have a candidate who they can fully control to do as they wish become governor through a mock election process.

Despite Richard Ngatia and Agnes Kagure coming from the same Mount Kenya region, they are considered too rich and arrogant to be controlled by other Mount Kenya tycoons whom they view as equals and not as superiors. This reality led to the early death of their political careers in order to have Polycarp Igathe propped to serve their interests.

Do you trust Sakaja can resist the offer and remain firm to the ballot?

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