Saturday, May 21, 2022

University Degrees to Be Audited Since 1980; Raila-Uhuru’s ally Directs Cleaning Up of the Mess

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University Degree has created a major concern following the alleged issuing of fake degrees by some of the universities and higher institutions in Kenya. The move has  developed the attention, calling the commencing of auditing of degrees issued by Kenyan universities at least since 1980.

Expressing his major concern, political analyst Makau Mutua has alleged details directing Kenyan university and higher institutions to audit every degree granted at least since 1980.

Alleging Details, Professor Makau Mutua allied to Present Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga has Exposed the concern of too many fake degrees, many bought in cash by prominent personalities.

Makau Mutua has directed all Kenyan universities to audit their issued degrees to clean up the mess on fake degrees granted.

“EVERY university in Kenya must be required to AUDIT every degree granted at least since 1980.There are too many FAKE degrees, many bought in cash by prominent personalities. A degree granted in Kenya is virtually worthless because of academic fraud. We must clean up the mess,” Professor Makau Mutua stated





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