Monday, May 23, 2022

Zora Who “Disappeared” Breaks Silence After Sometime

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Zora program that airs on Citizen Tv every week day from 7:30pm to 8:00pm is one of the most loved program by Kenyans.

Some of the actors include Sarah Hassan known as Zora, Blessing Lung’aho, as Madiba, Robert Agengo as Fella, Brenda Mitchell as Alma, Jackie Matubia as Nana, Neema Sulubu as Neema, Quincy Rapando as Kwame.

Eunice David as Hamida, Patrick Gatimu as Oscar, Joseph Gachanja is known as Mzee Chibale, and Bridget Shighadi, as Yola.

In the last episode Madiba had a sharing with Nana concerning letting the children know that they had reunited with each other,  Nana disagreed but Madiba said that he had to take a responsibility as the Dad.

For last few episodes Alex Khayo has been missing in action which has been a cause of concern amongst the fans as it is a moment when he is trying to find his father.

Alex Khayo broke silence as he sacarstically remarked that he went to look for his father.

Alex Khayo said,” Kwa wale wanauliza nilienda wapi kwa kipindi…. niko tu within bado natafuta babangu…ama @abelamunga ndio babangu?? …what do u think???”

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